Things to consider when purchasing a new kitten.


A range of animal welfare organisations have come together to produce the kitten checklist. The checklist is designed to help prospective owners to spot signs of ill health and understand cat behaviour. Akin to the puppy contract, the kitten checklist aims to help the would-be owner carefully consider what to expect when acquiring a kitten. It is hoped that the list will help individuals decide whether they will be able to meet the welfare needs of a cat and if a cat will realistically fit in with their lifestyle. Once a prospective owner is sure they are ready to welcome a kitten/s into their lives the checklist also helps direct them to a reputable breeder. We strongly recommend anyone considering taking on a new kitten looks at 'the kitten checklist' before purchasing one, if you still find that you have any further questions about purchasing a kitten please feel free to contact us at Holmer Vets.

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