Time to prepare for fireworks.

Noisy fireworks.

Every October we are approached by clients asking for sedatives for their dog/s who are fearful of fireworks. Each year we advise owners that there are methods which can be used to help manage their pets phobias which can either eliminate or reduce their dependency on sedatives during the firework season. Last year was no exception and we put up an article in our Autumn 2019 quarterly newsletter, which is still available to view and download. The desensitisation program is a gradual progress which needs time and patience to recondition your pets response to the noise stimuli. It is important that this program is started when there is no, or little, chance of the pet being exposed to the noise trigger, as this can set progress back. Now, January, is the best time to get started on the Sounds Scary program which is free to download for the Dogs Trust website. It is important that not only is your pet exposed to the CD noises gradually but that to aid counter-conditioning, to really strengthen the desired change in response to the fireworks, that behavioural rewards are given, be that food or play, for the pet to make the future associations with the noise good ones. Please do not hesitate to contact the surgery to speak to Rachel the vet if you feel you would like more help and support with the program. Please remember that desensitising your dog to firework noise should help prevent progression of the noise fear to other loud noises, as well as help with any generalised noise phobia your pet may suffer.

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