Alabama rot case confirmed in Hereford

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It is likely that, through local press reports, dog owners have been made aware that, at the end of last month, a case of the life threatening disease known as Alabama rot was confirmed in a dog in Hereford. At best the details of the case have been vague with various rumours spreading. Whilst the case was not referred to the specialists by Holmer Veterinary Surgery, we promise you that we are endeavouring to find as many relevant details as we can, to share with you as soon as possible.  As we previously stated in our Autumn 2019 Newsletter, very little is known about Alabama rot, what cause it or exactly how it is spread. Whilst the number of cases reported across the country has been rising since 2012 generally these cases have been sporadic, and it seems even some dogs in contact with confirmed cases have been unaffected. If you have any concerns about your dog, particularly if he/she develops unexplained skin lesions along with a fever, inappetence and lethargy please get them in to see your veterinarian without delay.

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