Holmer Veterinary Surgery update on developments during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Puppy, kitten and rabbit.

We at Holmer Veterinary Surgery are dedicated to the care of your pets. As the Covid-19 pandemic has been developing we have endeavoured to take, what we deem to be, sensible precautionary steps to help reduce the risk of exposure to our staff and clients. It has been necessary for us to make some adjustments to our consulting structure so as to help protect members of staff who are considered to be in the higher risk category, so it may be that you may not be able to be seen by your pets usual case vet, for this we apologise. Also there has been a reduction in the number or deliveries we are receiving due to the outbreak, whilst there is no issue with the availability of veterinary medicines themselves, at this time, we do recommend that, as a precaution, owners give us 3-4 days notice when requesting repeat prescriptions.

As a profession we, as many, are concerned about our ability to continue to provide the critical care to our patients. The British Veterinary Association and Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons have determined that vets working in emergency care can be considered key workers meaning  that in the event of the government initiating a wider lock down vets will be able to continue to provide emergency care to sick or injured pets. This will mean that animal owners are able to focus on their own health, and not need to worry about their pets. We, at Holmer, will do all that is in our power to continue to provide care to our patients during these troubling times.

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