Coronavirus – Practice update


As the Covid crisis continues guidlines for veterinary practices are evolving. None of us know how long the Covid restrictions will be in place but it is clear that, for the ongoing health and welfare of pets, it is necessary for us to do all we can to expand the services we are able to provide at this time. Whilst it is still paramount that we observe and respect social distancing, and we cannot go back to business as usual, as of Monday 11th May we will be looking to increase our capacity to vaccinate (with need determined on an individual basis) and start reintroducing some routine neutering (this again will be based on individual clinical need/circumstances).

Please be aware that whilst we have been able to bring a colleague off furlough, to provide this additional service, we are still working at a significantly reduced staff capacity. Please be patient with us as surgical slots/time will be limited so you may have to wait a little longer,  than you are used to, to get your pet neutered.  Currently we will only be able to consider arranging neutering for animals belonging to clients who are already registered with our practice. If you have a new pet and are not already registered with another local veterinary practice, please do not hesitate contact the surgery if you would like to register with us. We urge you carefully consider if neutering your pet is absolutely necessary, at this time, and be aware that you may be asked to discuss this with a vet before a procedure can be booked. The BSAVA (British Small Animal Veterinary Association) have published the following owner advice leaflets, with regards neutering and vaccinations during Covid 19 which you may find useful:

The BSAVA neutering guide for pet owners.

The BSAVA vaccination guide for pet owners.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at the vets to discuss the individual needs of your pets. We at Holmer Vets, once again, wish to reassure you that we continue to strive to provide the best of care for your pets during these difficult times.

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