Time to prepare for November 5th.

Noisy fireworks.

At the beginning of the year we tried to contact clients who had approached us in 2019 about their dogs fear of fireworks. Although this year has been far from 'normal' we hope that at least some of you have managed to work on the desensitisation program, in the hope to help alleviate your pets anxiety this coming November. For clients who have been unable to implement the noise desensitisation strategy or have had limited, or no success, it is time to think about preparing your pet for the coming firework season.

This is particularly true for owners of pets who exhibit higher level anxiety including house soiling and destructive behaviour. For these pets to achieve the best anxiety control certain medications need to be started 6-8 weeks before the anticipated stress. It is difficult to tell how the Covid will effect the number of firework events this year, whilst there may well be less public displays this could potentially lead to more private back garden displays. If you own a dog who has fear of fireworks please take a look at our Autumn 2019 Newsletter with advice regarding fear of fireworks, as well our client information page. For more personal advice about your pets individual needs please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.

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