A pet is not just for Christmas

Pile on pups 031113

This year has seen a surge in people purchasing new pets during lockdown. Unfortunately many new owners did not consider the long term impact owning a pet. In one survey of 1000 new dog owners 46% did not plan a monthly budget with 36% of finding that owning a puppy was more expensive than they had thought. 60% of new owners did not plan how they would care for their do beyond 12months, 46% of individuals finding that owning a dog was more time consuming than they had anticipate.


Now Christmas is approaching, typically there is a huge surge in puppy and kitten purchases, leading up to Christmas 2019 this was a 435% increase. We urge any prospective new pet owner to do their homework. It is important new owners carefully consider if having a new pet is right for their circumstances/lifestyle. Can you realistically afford the costs of looking after a new pet (food, health care, day care, companionship)? Can you provide the right environment ensuring the animals welfare needs are met? Do you have time to care for a new pet? If a prospective owners can answer yes to all of these thing it is then important to carefully research which type of pet, and which breed of pet, will be suited to a their lifestyle. It is then imperative to ensure a new pet is sourced carefully from a reputable breeder to ensure a well bred, healthy animal is found. Petfish is a new government campaign which has been launched to help potential new pet owners avoid being duped by unscrupulous breeders or tricked into purchasing a pet from a puppy farm. Earlier this year Lucy's law was passed to ban purchase of puppies from third parties and help combat the sale of poorly bred, often ill, puppies and kittens. New puppies and kittens should come directly from the breeder, where they should be seen to interact with their mother, or rescued from an adoption centre. Further advice on aquiring a new pet can be found in our Autumn and winter 2019 newsletters. As always, if you would like advice on purchasing a new pet please do not hesitate to call us and speak to one of our vets or nurses.

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