EU pet travel update for 2021 post Brexit

With only 15 days to go before Brexit government guidance has been issued confirming that,  from the 1st January 2021, the UK will become a Part 2 listed third country under the EU Pet Travel Scheme. We have updated our pet travel advice page to help owners understand the new rules. In brief the most significant change to pet travel to the EU is that UK issued PET passports will no longer be valid, instead animals will need to be issued with an Animal Health Certificate (AHC) within 10 days of travel. A new AHC will be required for each journey. Rabies blood testing will not be a requirement. Please contact the surgery  to discuss any plans you have to travel to the EU, with your pet after the new year. The use of AHCs will be new to us all and there are certain elements that require clarification, so please be patient with us as we become accustom to issuing them routinely. We recommend you start planning any trips to the EU with your pet at least 1 month in advance.

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