Alert- Alabama Rot case confirmed in Hereford.

A neighbouring practice has sadly seen a case of Alabama Rot, confirmed by the specialists at Anderson Moores veterinary specialists. We understand the affected dog had been exercised in the fields behind the crematorium in Hereford. The condition, Alabama Rot, occurs very sporadically, this time of year, November- May, and in wetter weather has historically been when cases have presented in our area. Sadly whilst Alabama Rot is an uncommon disease, for the animals it affects, it is usually fatal. Unfortunately it's cause is still unknown so recommended prevention strategies, such as avoiding suspect affected areas and washing your dog down after a walk, are only sensible precautions to help try and reduce the risk of exposure. In our Autumn 2019 newsletter we discussed the condition in more detail but the main symptoms to look out for are ulcerating lesions/sores particularly on the lower limbs, abdomen and head. Affected animals typically have a temperature and quickly become unwell. If you are concerned your dog may be showing signs of the disease please call the surgery as soon as possible to get your dog seen. If you are able to bring a urine sample from your dog it will help with the assessment. Additional information about the distribution of cases of Alabama Rot in the UK is available at Vets4Pets Stop Alabama Rot website.

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