Update on travelling pets


On January 1st this year, as the result of Brexit, the way in which pet cats, dogs and ferrets can travel to the EU changed. The information/advice we as official veterinarians (OVs) have been given has been somewhat evolving. As we have already indicated UK issued PET passports can no longer be used to take your pet to the EU, and PET listed countries, although it can be used to re-enter the UK. EU issued PET passports can still be used to travel to and from the UK as well as within Europe. It is important to note that for pets travelling with an EU PET passport, for the passport to remain valid, any rabies vaccinations given after 30th December 2020 MUST be given by an EU vet, UK vets are no longer authorised to certify a rabies vaccination within an EU issued PET passport. For owners wishing to travel with their pet dog, cat or ferret to the EU or NI, who do not have a EU PET passport, they must acquire an Animal Health Certificate (AHC), which we are able to issue at Holmer. An AHC is valid for only one journey to, around and back from the EU. For further information on pet travel please see out Pet Travel advice page. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further advice on travelling with your pet.

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