Fatal blood disorder in cats, possible link to cat food.

Since April 2021 over 130 cases of a rare blood disorder called pancytopenia has been reported in cats. Cats suffering pancytopenia have low red and white blood cells, they may present with a variety of symptoms including lethargy, pale colour, bleeding, fever or recurrent infections. Sadly deterioration can be rapid and fatal. There are many possible causes for the disease but the recent surge of cases appears to be linked to certain hypoallergenic cat foods. The food standards agency (FSA) have released a statement which can be view on the gov.uk website the implicated diets have been recalled, click here to see the list of productsIf your cat is fed one of the listed diets it is advised to stop it and find an alternative, please do not hesitate to call for dietary advice from one of our vets. If you are concerned your cat may be displaying symptoms please seek veterinary attention immediately.

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