Rabbit Awareness Week 28th June – 4th July 2021

bonded rabbits2

This year marks the 15th anniversary of rabbit awareness week (RAW). As always the aim of RAW is to educate rabbit owners, and prospective owners, to help them understand the welfare needs of pet rabbits. The information shared through RAW aids rabbit owners so as to enable them to provide their pets with the best possible care. This year is no exception. Information will be available daily and will cover topics including preparing to own a rabbit; understanding the 5 basic welfare needs of rabbit (diet, health, behaviour, environment and companionship); neutering; grooming; bonding; health issues; the senior rabbit and rescuing rabbits. The program over the week can be followed on Instagram or Facebook heading to @rabbitawarenessweek. Further information is also available on the Burgess pet care website

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