Time to prepare for the firework season.

Noisy fireworks.

Although it is over a month before Guy Fawkes, it is time to prepare for what can be an extremely stressful time of year for our noise phobic pets. Whilst desensitising your dog to noise phobia is the gold standard to rehabilitation, it is a long and gradual process; for dogs who have not already undergone the program this is something to look at in the future but will not help your pet for this year.


What can be done now?

Environmental support can be put in place, providing a safe den where your pet can retreat whenever they need can help with manage their anxiety. It is good to set this up now so your pet has time to develop a sense of security in this safe haven. Adaptil plug ins for dogs, Feliway for cats can be used to create an even more calm area/retreat. For severely affected dogs, including those who urinate or defecate with fear at the sound of fireworks, certain anti-anxiety medication, can/should be started now, as these can take several weeks to have their full effects. Short term anxiolytics can be prescribed on an individual basis nearer the time, but with firework night being more of a firework season it can be difficult to predict when the noises are going to occur. A more in-depth article can be reviewed on out Autumn 2019 Newsletter.

Please do not hesitate call and book an appointment to discuss the individual needs of your pet.

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