Welcome back into the practice.

This week we are pleased to welcome owners back into the surgery. Whilst the building work and redecoration is not fully completed, as we had hoped and anticipated ,we didn't feel we wanted to keep everyone out in the cold any longer. Although Covid hasn't gone away our better understanding of it, and all our staff having voluntarily taken up the Covid vaccination, means we think we are as ready as we ever will be to bring you back into the building. Whilst it is no longer compulsory to wear face masks we do request you wear a face mask when in the practice. Where possible we would also request one owner per pet come into the waiting and consult room. We understand that some owners may still prefer to wait and/or be seen outside in the car park and we are happy to accommodate for this. As mentioned the building renovations are still very much a work in progress, but we hope you can appreciate all the work that has been done so far, with our new and improved reception and separate dog and cat waiting areas.

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