Baby birds and Fledglings

Jackdaw chicks

Spring is well and truly underway and with it the birds are singing and baby birds are hatching. We would like to remind people that guidance from the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) is that when a member of the public comes across  non injured fledgling birds not to disturb them. The parent bird/s will usually stay close by to their offspring,  coming down to feed them when they feel it is safe.  The best chance of survival for young chicks is to be reared by their parents. If you are concerned that the chick/s are in danger, for example in the middle of the road or close to a predatory animal, then with minimal handling (and ensuring that is safe for you to do so) it is appropriate to move them out of harms way as close as possible to where they were found. If a nest of chicks has found fallen out of a tree or a chimney the nest should ideally be placed back up, safely and securely, into the tree or nearby hedge, or on the roof. Whilst wildlife rescuers do their best to raise young birds sadly the success rates are poor overall. If you find a sick or injured chick, fledgling or bird we at Holmer Vets are happy to examine it and give appropriate treatment before passing it on to one of our local wildlife carers.

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