Firework advice

Noisy fireworks.

Once again firework season is upon us. Every year we are inundated with requests for advice and support, from owners of pets who have noise phobia relating to fireworks. We extensively covered this topic in a newsletter article last year, which we encourage you to refer back to (Autumn 2021).  The level of anxiety expressed varies greatly between individuals and so the level of support each pet will need to be tailored to the individual's needs. Unfortunately, without appropriate management of pets with fear of fireworks the anxiety levels will inevitably get worse over time. As a basic guide we recommend:

  • A den -pets are given a safe place where they can retreat when they are fearful.
  • Exercise - ensuring your dog has a good walk/run before it gets dark
  • Minimising exposure to the fireworks - close curtains, put on the telly, offer thick bedding to help drown out the noise.
  • A normal level of owner interaction -over re-assuring an anxious pet can make their anxiety worse in the long term.
  • Appropriate anxiolytic therapy - please discuss with your vet who can help try and identify if and what type of medication may be appropriate for your pet.
  • Noise desensitisation- for long term rehabilitation.
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