Managing separation related problems in dogs

dog behaviour

Separation related disorders are not uncommon in dogs with potential signs including destructive behaviour, inappropriate toileting or vocalisation when an affected dog is left alone. To help owners better understand and address their dogs separation related problems Sarah Heath, one on the UKs top veterinary behaviourists, has help devise a simple 4 step training program. The CALM program is free and easily accessible, delivered in bite-sized webinars. The 4 steps to training go through: Creating emotional stability; Altering expectations of interactions; Leaving predictive signals which give your dog certainty of your return; Modifying underlying emotional health where necessary.

Short videos are also available on preparing your new puppy to be left alone and recognising separation related problems. These videos are a must for anyone trying to manage a dog with separation related anxiety or anyone just interested in canine behaviour. Click on the link view the CALM program . Remember as with all training programs time and patience are imperative to achieve the desired outcome. Please do not hesitate to speak to one of our vets if you feel you need our help and/or support with this or any other behavioural related issues.

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