Tightening of regulations for prescription flea and worm treatment

POMV flea and worm products

We would like to advise clients, who are not already aware, that recent changes to prescribing regulations (enforced by our veterinary governing bodies) has led to our need to change practice policy on our supply of flea, tick and worm treatments. As all the products we supply for endo and ectoparasite treatment are POM-V (to be prescribed by a vet only) we must demonstrate that a patient is 'under our care' to enable us to supply any of these medications. This means that we must have recently seen, weighed and assessed the pet within the last 12 months.

Therefore, we are not able to supply these drugs for pets which have never been seen, or have not seen in the last year. We understand this may be frustrating but if you require flea, tick or worm treatment/prevention we encourage you to bring your pet in for assessment, so that we can provide them with safe and effective products, rather than you buying less effective products over the counter elsewhere. We understand the changes to guidance are aimed at improving prescribing practices for individuals and to help try and reduce the environmental impact of anti-parasiticides. As always we aim to optimise the care of your pet/s and thank you for your understanding on this matter.

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