XL bully neutering support

The deadline for registering for XL bully exemption, January 31st 2024,  is fast approaching. To comply with the regulations XL bully-type dogs are required to be neutered, however it is important to note that XL bully owners can register their dog for exemption before they are neutered. Registration must be done by the deadline. For full details on preparing for the ban and to register your XL bully dog go to the following link on the gov.uk website

Evidence of neutering, veterinary certification, must be provided by 30th June 2024 for dogs older than 1yr on January 31st.  Dogs younger than 12 months on January 31st they must be certified as neutered by 31st December 2024.

To help XL bully owners struggling financially to fulfil the exemption requirements the Blue Cross, Battersea and the RSPCA have joined forces to help offer financial support towards the cost of neutering. The scheme will be launched on 5th February 2024 through the Blue Cross Veterinary Care fund. Clients looking to seek this help will need to approach their veterinary practice who will have to apply on their behalf, payments for successful applications will go directly to the veterinary practice. The amount the charity will award, to eligible individuals, will vary depending on the dog's gender and procedure.

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