BBQ perils

corn cob xray

As BBQ season approaches, fingers crossed, it seemed a good time to consider the potential pet perils of this popular past time. Aside from the risk of the mad dog racing past the BBQ knocking things over and getting burnt, there are other risks to consider. Foreign body issues are not infrequently seen. Corn cobs seem a popular thing for dogs to ingest, almost inevitably causing an intestinal blockage which will need surgical removal. The image shows a corn on the cob which was swallowed whole by a dog, only because all the sweetcorn was still attached to the cob can this be seen on the radiograph.

Scavenged cooked bones and  wooden BBQ skewers are also a tasty treat to a dog, but the risk of ingesting these can be even higher as a sharp point can lead to them penetrating through the gut wall; this can cause damage to other other abdominal organs and/or potentially life threatening peritonitis. For some dogs being fed high fat food, such as sausages, can trigger pancreatitis, affected dogs can become extremely unwell with the main signs being vomiting, abdominal pain and inappetence. It is also important to consider how you clean your BBQ after use, more specifically how you dispose of the waste, if a dog scavenges debris after cleaning with an oven type cleaner this can be caustic and cause oral and gut irritation, potentially ulceration. We all love a good BBQ but it is important to remember to dispose of waste products safely out of reach or our pets. If you are concerned that your dog has scavenged something he/she shouldn't have please call your vet for advice.

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