Welcome back into the practice.

This week we are pleased to welcome owners back into the surgery. Whilst the building work and redecoration is not fully completed, as we had hoped and anticipated ,we didn't feel we wanted to keep everyone out in the cold any longer. Although Covid hasn't gone away our better understanding of it, and all our staff having voluntarily taken up the Covid vaccination, means we think we are as ready as we ever will be to bring you back into the building. Whilst it is no longer compulsory to wear face masks we do request you wear a face mask when in the practice. Where possible we would also request one owner per pet come into the waiting and consult room. We understand that some owners may still prefer to wait and/or be seen outside in the car park and we are happy to accommodate for this. As mentioned the building renovations are still very much a work in progress, but we hope you can appreciate all the work that has been done so far, with our new and improved reception and separate dog and cat waiting areas.

Cat Vaccine Shortage

cat vacc card

We would like to advise cat owners that there is a European wide shortage of cat vaccinations. As such we are now in short supply of cat vaccines so will be prioritising cats who are most vulnerable, i.e. kittens, for the remaining vaccine we now have in stock. Unfortunately we have not been given a timeline for when supplies will once again become available, but promise to keep you informed. Similar to the advice given by the manufacturers during lockdown a delay of up to 3 months on a booster vaccination should not adversely affect a cats immune protection. We are happy to liaise with catteries for owners needing to put their cats in for boarding with their 12 month booster due to lapse. We apologise for any stress or inconvenience caused by the supply shortage but hope the issue will be resolved as soon as possible.

Help Improve Rabbit Welfare in England

bonded rabbits2

The rabbit awareness action group (RAAG) have produce a good practice code for Welfare of Rabbits in England. RAAG aims to raise awareness of the welfare needs of rabbits including the right diet, housing, companionship and healthcare. Full details of the codes of practice can be found on the RAAG website. RAAG have also written a letter to the government to try and get the codes of practice written into law, and so to help ensure that the welfare needs of rabbits are met. If you would like to support this campaign please click here and sign. Together we can help improve the health and welfare of our pet rabbits.

If you have any health concerns, or would just like advice about your pet rabbit, please call the surgery and talk to one of our vets or nurses.

Time to prepare for the firework season.

Noisy fireworks.

Although it is over a month before Guy Fawkes, it is time to prepare for what can be an extremely stressful time of year for our noise phobic pets. Whilst desensitising your dog to noise phobia is the gold standard to rehabilitation, it is a long and gradual process; for dogs who have not already undergone the program this is something to look at in the future but will not help your pet for this year.


What can be done now?

Environmental support can be put in place, providing a safe den where your pet can retreat whenever they need can help with manage their anxiety. It is good to set this up now so your pet has time to develop a sense of security in this safe haven. Adaptil plug ins for dogs, Feliway for cats can be used to create an even more calm area/retreat. For severely affected dogs, including those who urinate or defecate with fear at the sound of fireworks, certain anti-anxiety medication, can/should be started now, as these can take several weeks to have their full effects. Short term anxiolytics can be prescribed on an individual basis nearer the time, but with firework night being more of a firework season it can be difficult to predict when the noises are going to occur. A more in-depth article can be reviewed on out Autumn 2019 Newsletter.

Please do not hesitate call and book an appointment to discuss the individual needs of your pet.

Thank you for all your support

Last Saturday, 11th September, our eager team (Dan Moore, Rachel Allen, Rachel Dover and Gemma Gormley) set off from Chepstow racecourse at 8.20, on the Wye Valley walk. Just over 10 hour later, after 9 hours of gruelling walking, plus a few pit stops to refuel, we crossed the finish line at Monmouth. Admittedly the terrain was more demanding than we had anticipated, only with the amazing support we gave each other as a team did we conquer the 26.3mile marathon walk. Together we raised £1785. Thank you to everyone who has supported us to help us raise money for MacMilliam Cancer Support.

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