Welcome to our newest team members

This month, November, Holmer Vets are delighted to welcome three new team members. Jon is our newest addition to the vet team. Jon carried out some of his final year work experience with us and now, after working in Wales for just over a year, he has returned to take up a full time vet… Read More »

We are here for you.

Dog, cat, rabbit.

As England goes into a second Covid lockdown we want to reassure all of our clients that we, at Holmer Vets, will continue to be open to provide care to your pets. So as to work within government guidelines and do our best to protect the health and wellbeing of all of our staff and… Read More »

Owners be vigilant

As the weather gets milder and wetter it is time for owners to remain alert for possible signs of canine cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy (CRGV), more commonly known as Alabama Rot. Unfortunately the cause of this potentially fatal condition is still unknown but it has become evident that 92% of cases occur between November… Read More »

A fond farewell

Emma Partridge vet.

Today we bid a fond farewell to Emma the vet who has been with us since 2016. Emma is leaving us for beautiful Pembrokeshire, following her husband as he takes on an unmissable career opportunity. We wish Emma and her family all the best in their new life. Emma’s departure comes all too soon after… Read More »

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