Update on travelling pets

On January 1st this year, as the result of Brexit, the way in which pet cats, dogs and ferrets can travel to the EU changed. The information/advice we as official veterinarians (OVs) have been given has been somewhat evolving. As we have already indicated UK issued PET passports can no longer be used to take… Read More »

Alert- Alabama Rot case confirmed in Hereford.

A neighbouring practice has sadly seen a case of Alabama Rot, confirmed by the specialists at Anderson Moores veterinary specialists. We understand the affected dog had been exercised in the fields behind the crematorium in Hereford. The condition, Alabama Rot, occurs very sporadically, this time of year, November- May, and in wetter weather has historically… Read More »

APHA issue guidance on Coronavirus and ferrets

Ferret climbing inside a cage.

In response to concerns raised about coronavirus infecting farmed mink, first reported in the Netherlands, The Animal Plant & Health Agency (APHA) have issued guidance to individuals owning (or working with ferrets), a species closely related to mink. Ferrets are susceptible to COVID-19 virus infection from their human contacts and potentially they may be able… Read More »

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2021

As 2020 draws to a close it is year we will never forget. This Christmas will be like no other but we hope that, despite all of the restrictions in place, everyone can find some joy during this festive season. May the New Year bring hope, health and happiness to us all. Best Wishes from… Read More »

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