Christmas Opening Times Friday 24th December (Christmas Eve) 09:00-17:00 Saturday 25th December (Christmas Day)  Emergencies only  Sunday 26th December (Boxing Day) Emergencies only Monday 27th December (Bank Holiday) 09:00-13:00* Tuesday 28th December (Bank Holiday) 09:00-13:00* Wednesday 29th December 09:00-18:30 Thursday 30th December 09:00-18:30 Friday 31st December 09:00-18:30 Saturday 1st December (New Years Day) Emergencies only Sunday 2nd… Read More »

Helping hedgehogs over winter.

In the UK hedgehogs hibernate over winter as the environmental temperature drops and their food supply diminishes. Hibernation can start any time from October to January (depending on environmental conditions) and usually lasts until March/April. To safely hibernate hedgehogs need to have built up enough body reserves to keep them alive over winter. In recent… Read More »

Update on pet travel to Europe

In the past 11 months, since Brexit, we have successfully issued multiple AHCs (Animal Health Certificates) for owners travelling with their pet dogs, cats and/or ferrets to Europe. New official guidance for issuing AHCs has recently been issued. The main requirements of the pet being microchipped and rabies vaccinated, at least 21 days before an… Read More »

Welcome back into the practice.

This week we are pleased to welcome owners back into the surgery. Whilst the building work and redecoration is not fully completed, as we had hoped and anticipated ,we didn’t feel we wanted to keep everyone out in the cold any longer. Although Covid hasn’t gone away our better understanding of it, and all our… Read More »

Cat Vaccine Shortage

We would like to advise cat owners that there is a European wide shortage of cat vaccinations. As such we are now in short supply of cat vaccines so will be prioritising cats who are most vulnerable, i.e. kittens, for the remaining vaccine we now have in stock. Unfortunately we have not been given a… Read More »

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