Baby birds and Fledglings

Spring is well and truly underway and with it the birds are singing and baby birds are hatching. We would like to remind people that guidance from the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) is that when a member of the public comes across  non injured fledgling birds not to disturb them. The… Read More »

Chicken housing restrictions lifted

From Monday 22nd May the compulsory requirement for chickens and captive birds to be housed, as a control measure to help prevent the spread of Avian influenza, has been lifted. Whilst it will be a huge relief for bird keepers to be giving their flocks their freedom to go outdoors again effective biosecurity measures must… Read More »

Pet Anxiety Awareness month

Once again March is pet awareness month. Pet anxiety has long been an issue for many owners with pets experiencing anxiety due to different triggers. Since lockdown even more pets have been seen to suffer anxiety related issues. Causes of pet anxiety can including separation, going to a new home, going to kennels/cattery, vet visits,… Read More »

Cat vaccination update

We would like to advise cat clients that the cat vaccine manufacturers are slowly trickling cat vaccines to us. Sadly we are not in control of what we are supplied with as yet. We are allocating the vaccines, as they are delivered, starting with clients with cats who are most overdue since the vaccine supply… Read More »

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