Pet Anxiety Awareness month

Once again March is pet awareness month. Pet anxiety has long been an issue for many owners with pets experiencing anxiety due to different triggers. Since lockdown even more pets have been seen to suffer anxiety related issues. Causes of pet anxiety can including separation, going to a new home, going to kennels/cattery, vet visits,… Read More »

Cat vaccination update

We would like to advise cat clients that the cat vaccine manufacturers are slowly trickling cat vaccines to us. Sadly we are not in control of what we are supplied with as yet. We are allocating the vaccines, as they are delivered, starting with clients with cats who are most overdue since the vaccine supply… Read More »

Diarrhoea in pets, beware the potential risk to human health

Diarrhoea in dogs and cats is not uncommon, in most cases symptoms are short lived and self limiting (clearing up with little or no treatment). However, when diarrhoea persists/becomes chronic investigation and treatment trials are warranted. Recently we have seen a number of cases of chronic diarrhoea in young animals with infections, which could potentially… Read More »

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