Puppy Training Tips

There are many different methods for training dogs, and not all methods work for all dogs.

Some methods of training can be detrimental for your dog.

​For best results, start training your puppy straight away.

The most important rules to follow are:

  1. Be patient with your puppy
  2. Be consistent – your puppy will get confused if the rules keep changing
  3. Keep training sessions short and fun, or your puppy’s attention will drift
  4. Aim to only give a command ONCE, repeatedly saying the same command whilst your puppy isn’t listening only teaches him to ignore you
  5. Never give a command if you are not in a position to enforce it – there is no point in trying to recall your puppy when he is half way across a field chasing a rabbit, as the chances of him listening are very slim, so pick your battles wisely!
Puppy being trained
Puppy on a lead

Taking your dog to training classes can be a good way of teaching them the basics, however often these can’t start until the puppy is fully vaccinated. It is a good idea to try and start on the basics as soon as you get your puppy though, so we hope this information gives you some help towards this.

There are lots of different resources available but make sure they come from a reputable source.

Please ask at reception regarding reputable dog trainers in the area

Please note we DO NOT advocate the use of choke chains for training, or spike collars, as these can cause damage to your dog’s throat AND create fear and pain.

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