Time To Say Goodbye

Time to say goodbye

Sadly when we live with and love pets there is a time when we have to say goodbye, either due to old age or illness. We, the staff at Holmer Vets, will always do our best to support you through this difficult time.

Coming to terms with the idea that your beloved pet has come to the stage in his/her life where their quality of life is not as is should be, or they are suffering an illness which cannot be treated, is not easy. Making the decision to have your pet put to sleep and relieve them from any suffering is often overwhelming.

Although it is hard to even think about when the time comes to say goodbye, it may help to understand the options available, and for those who have never had to go through this before, the process of putting a pet to sleep.

Cat urn and photo.

What to expect

Euthanasia can be performed at the surgery or a vet can come to your home. Whilst most visits are arranged in advance, sometimes a visit is needed in an emergency and you can contact the surgery any time, including out of hours, to arrange us to see you as soon as possible.

When it is agreed that it is the kindest thing to put your pet to sleep you will be asked to sign a consent form, which includes you clarifying what you would like to do once your pet is at peace. The vet may recommend that your pet is sedated, or you can request this, before the final injection is given. The vet will usually clip an area on your animal’s leg and may place a catheter, before giving an injection of very strong anaesthetic so that your pet gently slips away.


Final farewells

When an animal companion dies or is put to sleep most owners request that they be cremated. We work with a company called Pet Cremation Services, who have shown themselves to be sympathetic when caring for your beloved pet. They are able to offer both communal and private cremation. If you chose private cremation you can chose to have ashes returned in one of a number of vessels, you can request to see a brochure at the surgery or look online at www.pcsonline.org.uk.

We will do our best to help you though this emotional time of loss, but if you feel you need additional advice and support then you may find the following links of benefit when going through the grieving process:

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